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Teenage, shapeshifter, surfing, raptors!

Doesn’t have quite the same ring to is as another famous team of weapon wielding reptiles, now does it? But when you take this group of teens and throw them onto a parallel Earth; you better buckle in for one high octane ride. This alternate Earth is the home to the descendants of the dinosaurs and they reign supreme.

Move over Animorphs, step aside werewolves, Dinomorphs are the new shapeshifters in town.

About the Author

Odin Gray


Odin Gray is an Australian YA fantasy and Adult Urban Fantasy writer. He is best known for his YA "DINOMORPHS" series.

"I have always lived in my own head. As a kid, all I did was create stories and act them out. The more magic the better. When I read Christopher Pike’s ‘The Last Vampire’ as a teen, it was all over. After that, anything that had fangs and fur had my name on it. I have lived and breathed vampires, werewolves and shapeshifters ever since."

The Young Adult Fantasy series, DINOMORPHS, centers on fifteen-year-old, Kellen Masters and his friends who are not as human as they seem. When events beyond their control rip them from earth and drop them into the parallel world of their ancestors, they must deal with carnivorous forests, fortified cities and worst of all, those who created them; the Dino-Lords—the Annunaki. It’s a good thing Kellen and his friends have a few tricks up their sleeves, they are going to need it after all if they stand a chance of getting home. Welcome the world of the dinosaurs; welcome to the world of the Marduk.


The series follows the protagonist as he deals with the burden of leadership, love, and losses, while navigating the world in which dangerous creatures not only exist in everyday life, but inside them as well. DINOMORPHS tackles the age old question "what is it that makes you a monster?"


Odin Gray is involved with a number of animal charities and mental health organizations, particularly supporting animal rescue efforts and raising funds for teen awareness of depression and anxiety. Odin Gray also likes to inject a dash of normalcy when it comes to gay characters within his stories in the hopes that it helps queer youth feel less isolated and more empowered.


Odin Gray currently lives in Melbourne, Australia, with his canine master, Odin (yes, two Odin’s in one house gets confusing). He is an avid collector of tattoos, wolf art and considers P!nk his patronus. Feel free to follow his adventures on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or subscribe to his mailing list for regular updates.




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